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American craft beer brewery Goose Island is a favourite with customers in particular for its awesome barrel aged ales and beers. Goose Island's story begins over 30 years ago, way back in 1988, when founder John Hall opened his first Brewpub in Chicago. Inspired by his extensive travels in Europe, and unable to find quality Ales back in the USA, he was inspired to set up his own brewery.

Consumed by this new passion, and flushed with the success of his venture, in 1995 the brewery as we now know it opened its doors. Since then, Goose Island continues to evolve, offering an impressive list of classic beers that have earned this multi-award-winning brewery a regular place Ratebeer's Top 100 breweries worldwide.

Brewed in the US state of Michigan, Goose Island's range of artisan ales features a beer in just about every style and for every taste. They have truly mastered the art of the Barrel Aged Sour Ale, using wild yeast to great effect. Proof can be found in their ‘Sour Sisters’ range of beers – Juliette, Gillian and Lolita. To make their beer the best it can be the brewers have built a state-of-the-art brewery around their different artisanal ales, with an impressive barrel house for barrel aging their beers. Their BA range is as good as their wild ales, with the legendary Bourbon County Stout one of the world’s rarest and most sought-after beers.

They also brew a series of more workaday beers like their Goose Island IPA, Matilda Belgian Pale Ale, Sofie Saison – a Farmhouse Ale oak aged in chardonnay white wine casks to please all palates and all budgets.




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