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A young start-up brewery launched only a few years ago by enthusiast Irish craft brewers, The White Hag Brewery from the sleepy backwater of Ballymote in the Republic of Ireland is one of the new breed of Irish Artisan Breweries making a name for themselves in a market traditionally dominated by a single world-famous brewery.

These giant-slayers of Irish Ale are named after the White Hag – Celtic mythology’s Mother Nature or Gaia - responsible for creating land, sea and, most importantly, water – a key component in White Hag’s quality range of beers.

Using only the finest ingredients available – including top quality barley and oats from Ireland, and the best hops from around the world - The White Hag continues to place its mark on a range of traditional artisan ales, Stouts and Porters, each with a character of its very own.

The brewery’s beers have become favourites with beer geeks around the wold, with recipes like White Hag’s Cauldron of Plenty - a classically themed Oatmeal Porter with a handsome black silk body and small tan head. As well as classic styles like its Little Fawn Session IPA and Atlantean New England IPA, the brewery also embraces traditional some of Ireland’s traditional beer styles like Irish Red Ale, Porter and Stout all with its own particular seal of quality that makes each beer a pleasure to sample.



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