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Our passion goes all the way to your door!


Sturdy, anti-breakage boxes sent within 7 working days

From 7 a.m, our logistics team start preparing your precious orders in our specially designed anti-breakage boxes.

Bottles packaging

Our beers are separately placed in reinforced boxes to avoid any breakage. Our boxes can contain up to 24 bottles, placed vertically for more safety.

Kegs packaging

All our boxes are optimised so they can contain up to 3 kegs. We also use an eco-friendly milling system to recycle cardboard boxes and protect our kegs.

Glassware packaging

Our glassware is doubly protected! Inside the box, they are wrapped with reinforced bubble wrap!

Delivery in Sweden within 72-96 hours.

Express delivery to your home or office with interactive delivery through emailing and SMS, so as to prepare the shipment the same day.

Delivery within 72-96 hours* starting from € 9.90.

*No deliveries take place on Saturday.
We apply the following delivery rates:
0 - 22kg = € 9.90
22 - 45kg = € 19.90
46 - 68kg = € 29.90
69-91kg = € 39.90
92 - 114kg = € 49.90