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Saveur Bière and HOPT offer great prices on your favourite craft beer every day, but we also offer a number of flash sales and seasonal sales periods each year to offer you the best of artisanal beer at reduced prices even better than normal. There’s our winter sales and the summer sales but also private sales and the legendary Black Friday sale weekend. A new concept of promotions has emerged in France. Each April, French Days - a kind of Black Friday à la Française – brings awesome discounts on a range of products from fashion to electronics, and not forgetting craft beer. This new promotional offer was launched by ecommerce websites and major brands a few years back and it’s caught on in a big way! Other e retailers joined the action and the good news is Saveur Bière and its European sister company HOPT are one of them!

Enjoy massive discounts of up to -50% on a wide selection of craft beer assortments, artisan ale gift boxes, bottled beers, beer glasses, PerfectDraft beer pumps and brewing products for French Days! A golden opportunity to (re)discover the world of artisanal beer all at unbelievably low prices. Choose from a wide range of discounts and promotions and enjoy beers of all styles at home; IPA, English and American Bitter, Sour and Wild beers, Pale Ale, Lambic, Stout and Porter from all over the world each with a unique flavour, and not forgetting the legendary Belgian beers. And if you have a little adventurous side, discover new flavours and new countries as far afield as Sri Lanka or Australia, Saveur Bière and HOPT offer beers for all tastes, with exotic and tropical fruit, hoppy, malty and fruity notes.

French Days is also the opportunity for you to offer yourself the Rolls Royce of home bar equipment, the PerfectDraft beer pump with a selection of 6-litre kegs from Hoegaarden, Leffe, Beck’s, Budweiser and Lowenbrau. A way to enjoy draught beer if you’re more into perfect draught beer than bottled or canned beers.

In addition to these exceptional offers and the sheer variety to choose from, you’ll also appreciate our fast great-value shipping service and our break-proof packaging ready for any eventuality. You can order with confidence that you’ll get your beers delivered to your door in perfect condition, ready to put in the fridge and start sharing with friends.



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