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The Brasserie du Pays Flamand was founded in November 2006, the fruit of a passion shared by two childhood friends, Olivier Duthoit and Mathieu Lesenne. Based in Blaringhem on France’s border with Belgium, their project has gone from strength to strength, and uses ingredients sourced exclusively from the region.

Their brewery’s premises also have a story to tell, as they were originally a distillery, which remained in production until after the Second World War.
Likewise, the hardware has seen some life, having been an integral part of a Canadian microbrewery in the 1990s. It was subsequently imported by a brewer in France’s Lorraine region before starting a new life in Flandres. Other vesssels and tools have been added to Brasserie du Pays Flamand’s arsenal, allowing the brewery to continue its expansion while preserving the quality of its beers.

Ten years down the road, the brewery has an excellent range of products, including Anosteké and Bracine, and since 2016 they have added La Fière to the range, a beer brewed in collaboration with icons of Northern French culture, Gallodrome.



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