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The Rule Beertannia Collection

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The Rule Beertannia Collection

12 Classic British Beers in one superb selection pack - the perfect introduction to English Craft Beer  


  • The Rule Beertannia Collection
  • The Rule Beertannia Collection

Fans of quality beer will love this tour of the British Isles in beer. Save The Queen promises a rich and rewarding tour of the UK and Ireland, showing off some of the very best Craft Beers on offer.

Brewdog, Punk IPA: The original Craft IPA, this Scottish brewis full of caramel malts and peach, pineapple and pine resin notes.

Thornbridge Jaipur: Thornbridge’s flagship brew, Jaipur is a classic IPA with tropical hops and a reassuring malt backbone

Bellhaven Wee Heavy: chewy, sticky, spicy Scotch Ale from Scotland’s oldest brewery

Thornbridge, AM:PM: A fruity IPA with big toffee malts and a temptingly tropical hops character

Innis & Gunn Blood Red Sky: Sumptuous Scottish Strong Ale aged over rum casks

Tiny Rebel Cwtch: A wonderfully light, fruity, bitter Welsh Red Ale from South Wales

Fuller's ESB: The original ESB, fullers strong Ale is full of toffee malts and big bitter hops

Tempest Long White Cloud: Fresh, refreshing American Pale Ale brewed in Scotland with a zesty New Zealand hops.

Tempest Elemental Dark Ale: Deep, dark Scottish Porter with mocha coffee tones.

Camden Town Pale Ale: Crisp, clean Pale Ale with fresh biscuity malts and modern fruity hops profile

Cromarty Red Rocker: Peppery, spicy Rye Ale brewed with a toasty, fruity twist


Camden Hells Lager: A modern take on the German Light lager with crisp malts and elegant herbal hops

At HOPT we want to bring you the very best beers, right to your door. Sometimes, one of the bottles listed is out of stock, in which case we'll replace it with a bottle of equivalent or greater value to ensure your experience at HOPT is the best it can be!

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  • Appearance

    Birght yellow to stone black

  • Aroma

    Light zesty hops to warm dark malts

  • Taste

    Bright citrus to bitter mocha coffee

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