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The Best-Sellers Collection x2

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The Best-Sellers Collection x2

All of Saveur Bière and Hopt's best-selling beers in one superb selection pack!  

  • The Best-Sellers Collection x2

Whether you're new to Beer or a seasoned Geek, we've put together this superb gift pack featuring all of Saveur Bière and Hopt's best-selling beers. The Best-Sellers Collection features:

- 2 X Goose Island IPA: Fruity IPA with rich biscuit malts and a huge bittersweet character

- 2 XTripel Karmeliet: Our all-time No.1 best-selling beer – if you've ever tried Tripel Karmeliet, then you'll understand why!

- 2 XGinette Natural White: Classical Belgian Blanche with a secret spicy side 

- 2 XGinette Blonde: Light, elegant, fruity 100% Organic Blonde from the heart of Belgium

- 2 XHoegaarden Grand Cru: Bitter-sweet Grand Cru beer with vibrant coriander and orange tones

- 2 XLa Virgen Madrid Lager: Crisp, fresh Lager brewed with 6 different malts and 3 varieties of hops  

- 2 XFranziskaner Dunkel: German dark wheatbeer with spicy aromas of banana and flavors of ctrus fruit!

- 2 XBirra Del Borgo Saracena: Fruity, spicy Pale Ale with something brewed with buckwheat

- 2 X La Bécasse Kriek: Fruity classic Kriek that's more than just cherries

- 2 X Leffe Royale Whitbread Golding:  A new addtion to Leffe's superb Royale family brewed with English Whitbread Golding hops.

- 2 X Kwak: Bosteel's iconic Belgian Strong Pale Ale, Kwak is awash with ripe fruit and lip-smacking spicy yeast notes.

- 2 X Goose Island Honkers Ale: Light American Bitter balancing fruity peach and citrus hops with generous malts


At HOPT we want to bring you the very best beers, right to your door. Sometimes, one of the bottles listed is out of stock, in which case we'll replace it with a bottle of equivalent or greater value to ensure your experience at HOPT is the best it can be!

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