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An exceptional assortment, made up of aged beers in barrels and the coveted Goose Island Bourbon County! 

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The Barrel Aged Collection assortment consists of aged beers in kegs that should not be missed under any circumstances! It is composed of 10 beers including the prestigious BCBS 2019 in duplicate: 


- 2x Bourbon County Brand Stout 2019 is an intense, powerful and complex black beer, aged in bourbon casks. It reveals aromas of bourbon, grilled malt, coffee, chocolate, fudge and tobacco. 


- Kees' Barrel Project 19.10 is a Dutch Barleywine aged in Heaven Hills barrels. It is a beer with a brown colour and aromas of molasses, grapes, plums, bourbon and vanilla. 


- Aye Aye Captain is an Imperial Stout Barrel Aged rum and grape Milk Stout. It is a black beer with aromas of grilled malt, chocolate, coconut and grapes. 


- Cellar Series Öö XO from Pohjala is a Baltic Porter aged for several months in cognac barrels. It has a black colour and aromas of wild berries, espresso coffee, cognac and grilled malt. 


- Double Denim Virgin Oak BA from the Scottish brewery Tempest is a Strong Ale in the American Barleywine style. It has a dark brown colour for flavours of wood, peated whisky and bacon.  


- Love Among the Ruins by the English Thornbridge is an amber Sour with gourmet aromas of red fruit, vanilla, strawberry and lemon under a marked acidity. 


- Coco Chango - French Oak is a Spanish Porter from the Basqueland brewery. It is aged in French oak barrels for woody flavours, but also in chocolate, molasses and coconut. 


- Ex-Girlfriend BA from the Dutch brewery Jopen is an Eisbock aged 150 days in Jamaican rum casks. It has an amber colour and aromas of liquorice, grapes, rum and vanilla. 


- Kentucky Breakfast Stout 2019 is an Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels. It is an intense and complex black beer with rich and gourmet flavours of chocolate, coffee, grilled malt and bourbon. 

Barrel Aged Case

Saveur Bière

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Sturdy packaging
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  • -10%
    Bottled beer - Tempest All the Leaves Are Brown - Bourbon Barrel
    6,75 €
    Instead of7,50 €
  • -10%
    Bottled beer - Goose Island Halia 2017
    15,75 €
    Instead of17,50 €
  • -10%
    Bottled beer - Wicked Weed Oaxacan 2017
    13,95 €
    Instead of15,50 €
  • -10%
    Bottled beer - Vichtenaar Flemish Ale
    1,98 €
    Instead of2,20 €

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