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Saveur Bière's homage to the spiritual home of beer – with Tripels and Saisons, Ambers, Blondes and Blanches

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Belgium has such a brewing heritage that it was recently awarded UNESCO world heritage status for its beer culture. Inspired by the Belgian national motto, l'union fait la force – Unity makers strength – Saveur Bière has brought together 12 of Belgium's finest beers in one terrific collection.

Kwak - Delicious caramel malts and bubblegum candi sugar notes offset by plummy fruit tones

Cuvée des Trolls - Fruity, spicy, mischievous Belgian Pale Ale with a playful mix of banana, clove and orangepeel notes 

Lindemans Faro - Classic Lambic with sweet and sour tones and an aromatic woodiness 

Saint Bernardus Abt 12 - Robust Quadrupel bursting with candied fruit and spices

La Chouffe Blonde - Strong Pale Ale with a cheeky spice note

Hoegaarden Grand Cru - Gorgeous Blonde with all the classic Hoegaarden quality in an easy-drinking package

Abbaye des Rocs Brune - A sumptuous Dubbel from the Abbaye des Rocs Brune full of rich cherry chocolate flavours

Brugse Zot Blonde - Belgian Pale Ale grainy fresh-bread malts and a fruity yeast profile 

Bécasse Kriek - Mouthwatering Kriek bursting with juicy cherry flavours

Westmalle Triple - Robust blonde with candied fruit malt and spicy pepper and clove malt

Petrus Aged Red - Vibrant Flanders Red Ale with a mix of sweet caramel and sour cherrywood notes

Saint Feuillien Blonde - Fruity, spicy, rich Belgian Pale Ale with an elegant herbal side


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The Belgian Collection

Saveur Bière

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  • award-winning
    Bottled beer - Leffe Blonde 33cl
    1,79 €
  • Bottled beer - Saint Feuillien Grand Cru
    2,95 €
  • Bottled beer - Bière du corbeau - 33 cL
    2,95 €
  • Kegs - Kwak PerfectDraft 6-litre Keg
    42,99 €

    5,00 € deposit included.

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