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The Trappist Collection

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The Trappist Collection

A superb collection featuring some of the finest Abbaye beers to be found anywhere

  • The Trappist Collection
  • The Trappist Collection

Taking its inspiration from Trappist Monasteries across Europe, Saveur Bière and Hopt are proud to present their tribute to the Trappist brewing tradition.

Featuring beers from Abbayes in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, the Trappist Collection includes:

Chimay Bleu – Chimay's iconic Dark Ale, Chimay Bleu is a spicy, fruity brew that will improve with age.

Chimay Dorée – Light, characterful top-fermented abbaye beer with crisp malts and a light hops character.

Rochefort 6 – Deeply spicy Abbaye Dubbel with a host of plummy fruit tones.

Rochefort 8 – Belgian Strong Dark Ale with a majestic caramel fruit profile

Achel Blonde – Sweet, rounded Blonde Ale with a subtly bitter grapefruit backnote

Achel Brune - Imposing Dubbel imbued with fine yeasts and sumptuous vanilla chocolate malts

Westmalle Dubbel – Warm, generous Dubbel with thick sweet fruity malts underscored by coffee and chocolate tones

Westmalle Tripel – Westmalle Dubbel's lighter sibling, this classical Tripel is brimming with plum, apricot and honey flavours

Trappe Quad – Mellifluous Quadrupel with peach and plum, blackcurrant and blueberry malts

Trappe Wit – Refreshingly light Wheat Beer with bready yeasts and an invigorating zesty feel

Mont des Cats – Strong Dark Ale from northern France, this majestic beer is brewed just a stone's throw from Saveur Bière's door.

Zundert Tripel – An elegant mix of bitter orange and honey notes with a wonderfully dry finish.


At HOPT we want to bring you the very best beers, right to your door. Sometimes, one of the bottles listed is out of stock, in which case we'll replace it with a bottle of equivalent or greater value to ensure your experience at HOPT is the best it can be!

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  • Appearance

    Hazy pale yellow to rich dark chestnut

  • Aroma

    Fruity malts, ripe spicy yeasts

  • Taste

    Zesty wheat to plummy chocolaty malts

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