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Originally brewed in the 18th Century with a higher alcohol content and more hops, IPA beer was designed to survive the long sea-voyage to India where it was an immediate hit with soldiers of the British Empire.

Since then, the style has grown in popularity, embraced by breweries the world over, each putting its own twist on this timeless beer style. Characterised by a strong, bitter hops profile, IPAs have become the very pinnacle of Craft Brewing achievement:

Brewdog Punk IPA – The original Craft IPA that started a revolution

Cromarty Whiteout – Bright, fruity Southern Hemisphere hops in a surprisingly refreshing White IPA

Thornbridge Halcyon – Authentic English IPA bursting with exotic hops and a strong bitter streak

Omnipollo Zodiak – A full-on feast of floral hops from award-winning Swedish brewers Omnipollo

Founders All-Day IPA – Light, easy-drinking Session IPA from one of the USA's foremost craft breweries

Mean Sardine Voragem – Robust, spicy, wickedly bitter Black IPA from Portugal

Tempest Brewing Marmalade on Rye – Thick, bitter Rye IPA with a delicious orangey character

Birra Del Borgo Extra Reale – Magnificently hopped Italian IPA with a delicious bitter orange character

Belle Fleur IPA – Supremely complex Belgian IPA

Petricor IPA - Classical IPA with big, juicy ripe mango and passion fruit notes  

Brewski Mangofeber Session IPA – Light, fruity Session IPA bursting with juicy mango tones

Oppigards New Sweden IPA – Powerfully fruity and reassuringly bitter Swedish IPA


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The IPA Collection

Saveur Bière

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