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Perfectdraft HD 3720

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Perfectdraft HD 3720

Compatible kegs: 6L Perfectdraft kegs. Originally designed for professionals, Perfectdraft HD3720/26 found its way to peers'homes, thanks to its reliability and friendly use. More than 20 compatible kegs such as Jupiler, Beck's, Leffe... Cooling in 8 hours, so it's better if the keg is already cold before use.

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  • Perfectdraft HD 3720
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Do you like Leffe, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois or even Jupiler ?

Well, it seems that this beer dispenser is made for you, for your home, for your bar...

With more than 20 different 6 liter PerfectDraft compatible Kegs, this machine made by Philips is the best beer dispenser on the market for its reliability, its simplicity of use and its ability to store kegs.

Your 6 liter keg will remain under pressure and completely consumable up to 30 days. PerfectDraft has proven to be an excellent dispenser among professionals for being a very robust machine. It will fully satisfy you. It doesn’t require any CO2 cartridges like other dispensers since the kegs are already under pressure.

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