Beer dispensers - Pocket Tap System beer pump for Standard Keg

The Pocket Tap System: an essential accessory for your 5L Standard Keg 

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Let this must-have be your partner for enjoying perfectly pulled draught beer inside or out, anywhere, anytime. It works with a 16g CO2 cartridge, giving the keg a shelf life of three weeks after opening.

Ideal for BBQs, picnics or home use, this tap system is compatible with 5L Standard Kegs. Thanks to its size, the pocket tap can be carried anywhere! It allows you to tap draught beers from any 5L Standard Keg. Choose from Ch’ti, Jenlain, Kronenbourg, Fischer and many, many others.

Note: not all Standard Kegs have an integrated tap. The Pocket Tap allows you to get the very best performance from your keg, even if it does have an integrated tap.


To use the Pocket Tap:

1. Insert the hose into the opening on top of your keg.

2. Place a 16g CO2 cartridge into the Pocket Tap system

3. Pour your beer, sit back and enjoy! (It really is THAT simple)


You can adjust the pressure by turning the thumb wheel. Don’t forget to refrigerate your keg before tapping in order to keep your beer fresh for as long as possible. Unlike larger beer pumps, you can take your Pocket tap system absolutely anywhere. Simply unscrew the rod for easy carrying.

Pocket Tap System beer pump for Standard Keg

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Sturdy packaging
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