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St Feuillien glass - 25 cl

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St Feuillien glass - 25 cl

Try a St Feuillien beer in its glass just once and you'll never look back.

  • St Feuillien glass - 25 cl

To taste St Feuillien beer in its own dedicated glass is to experience brewing excellence. St Feuillien is a top-fermented beer brewed with pure local water, and the finest malts and hops. St Feuillien Blonde and Triple use pale malts, while , St Feuillien Brune Reserve and Cuvée de Noel each use specially selected varieties. To make your tasting perfect, Saveur Bière recommends you serve your beer in a clean, dry, dedicated balloon glass. To get the right head, with its creamy texture, and release St Feuillien's sensuous aromas, pour without allowing the bottle and glass to touch.