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Brew Your Own Beer Kit - Pale Ale

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Brew Your Own Beer Kit - Pale Ale

Perfect for amateurs and beginners alike, this all-grain pack includes all the essential elements to brew 4 litres of authentic Blonde beer at home!

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  • Brew Your Own Beer Kit - Pale Ale
  • Brew Your Own Beer Kit - Pale Ale

Brewing your own beer! Sounds fun and scary all at the same time! Guess what, it is A LOT of fun and it is EASY, you just have to learn to be patient. The magic all happens in your home, in your own kitchen and you will feel like a professional brewer with our Beer Kit.

All the equipement and raw materials that you need are part of your Kit, however you will have to check you have a sink, a stove, a funnel…AH that is right you are in YOUR kitchen so of course you have those items! Another great thing about our kit is that all the equipment can be reused and you can try as many recipes as you like! Just follow our step by step brewing manual, this is where you need to have a little patience, as in 3 weeks time you will be able to taste your home brewed beer. The kit makes about 4L of beer so plenty to share with friends and family, or you have the right to be selfish …

So don’t be scared and come and have fun with us, in no time you will be a pro and trying all our different recipes!  Happy Brewing!


Contents of your kit :

1 Brewing manual

1 Spatula

1 Glass carboy of 5L

1 rubber stopper

1 Fermentation airlock

1 Thermometer

1 hydrometer

1 Brew tapper

1 Steeping bag

1 Siphoning kit

1 bottle brush

1 sachet of disinfectant



Don't forget to add a bottling kit to your order, including bottles, crown corks, and a bottle capping tool.


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