The perfect Christmas gift with 24 Craft Beers!

24 must-drink beers!

A collection of world-class Craft Beer

The Tomtar are coming!

Craft beer delivered to your door!

A totally original Christmas gift!

‘’ We had a blast making the promotional video - we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! ‘’
Julien - Founder, Saveur Beer

Discover a new beer each day!

Like with chocolate Advent calendars, you open one window each day. Discover exclusive new beers in 24 different styles, from 29 different breweries while you wait for Christmas. It's a taste adventure where you already have the treasure map. Every morning, open the next window and put your new beer in the fridge to chill. Remember, no peeking!

15 Weight (kg)
34.3 x 26.8 x 49.8 Dimensions (cm)

Everyone's talking about it.

"Beery Christmas isn't just a random selection of 24 bottles, it's a real attempt to introduce you to new beers."
"24 days of amazing new surprises!"
Hélène K.

The creative process

Karl Grandin making the Beery Christmas artwork

Questions? Why not check out our FAQs...

Beery Christmas is a large, limited-edition printed cardboard box, with exclusive artwork by the talented Karl Grandin, the artist behind the world of Swedish brewery, Omnipollo. It is carefully designed to be used as an advent calendar so you can drink one beer without spoiling the surprise for the next day.
Beery Christmas is specially designed to let you open one window each day without spoiling the surprise for the next day. Each removable panel features recommendations on how best to enjoy your beer. For best results, open each window in the morning, that way you can put the beer in the fridge if you need to. The only problem is you have to wait all day to savour your beer.
It's a secret that only Saveur Bière and Hopt and our team of elves know. What we can tell you is that it's our best-ever Beery Christmas!
No, every year Saveur Bière and Hopt curate a brand-new collection of beers. For Beery Christmas 2017 we listened to your comments from last year in order to bring you an exclusive selection of craft beer from around the world, unparalelled both interms of its originality and variety.
Beery Christmas 2017 features 24 different beer styles - one for each day of Advent while you wait for Christmas. There's something for everyone, with new and exciting flavours just waiting to be discovered...
Saveur Bière and Hopt decided to get modern for Beery Christmas 2017 - we're using technology to enhance your tasting experience! Each Beery Christmas advent calendar is equipped with an NFC chip which lets you scan the Beery Christmas with your mobile phone. Simply pass your phone over the top of the box - the tasting notes will be beamed direct to your phone. Most Android phones, and iPhone* 6, 6S, SE and 7 are NFC ready. You can also find all the tasting notes direct on our Soical Media - Facebook, Instagram, etc. *uprgrade to iOS 11 required
Tasting notes will be available each day from midday, either by scanning the NFC chip on your Beery Christmas, or at our website at, or on our social networks.
To receive your Berry Christmas in time for 1 December, you need to order before Monday 27 November, while stocks last.
Pre-ordering for Beery Christmas is now closed. You can order direct from Saveur Bière and, but don't wait to long, they're selling out fast!
Beery Christmas is available to pre-order. It is not possible to add other products to your order.
We're sorry, but you can't use voucher codes.
If you would like to order more than 20 Beery Christmas, please email our Customer Services at
Your bank account will be debited as soon as you confirm your order. Beery Christmas is so successful we can only guarantee your reservation if you pay in full when you confirm the order.
Beery Christmas is truly a thing of beauty, and to ensure it arrives in peak condition, your, Beery Christmas is protected by an outer box on which is printed \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Beery Christmas\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Weighing in at 15kg, we recommend you don't try to carry it too far - for instance, if you're picking it up from a parcel collection point, take your car, not the bus! Or maybe call a friend? You can invite them to taste some beers as a thank you.
Saveur Bière and Hopt will do everything possible to ensure your Beery Christmas is delivered as early as possible. Delivery times depend on the delivery method selected: either 24hr Chronopost home delivery or 48hr Mondial Relay parcel collection point delivery, or 48hr GLS home delivery (Europe). The earlier you order, the soon you will receive your Beery Christmas, but as long as you order before midnight on 26 November, we guarantee delivery in plenty of time for 1 December.
Shipping costs for Beery Christmas are 19.99€. We'll send your Beery Christmas via one of our trusted shipping partners. You'll receive your package direct to your door (if you're giving it as a gift you can send it to your special someone).
If you would like us to deliver more than one Beery Christmas to different addresses, you need to make a number of separate orders. One order for each delivery address.