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Leffe Brune

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Leffe Brune

Authentic Abbaye Beer with a spicy dried fruit character


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  • Leffe Brune
  • Leffe Brune
  • Leffe Brune
  • Leffe Brune

Leffe Brune is a typical Belgian Abbey beer, brewed by the Abbaye de Leffe. The abundant head hides a perfectly balanced beer.

Leffe, is a true connoisseurs’ beer, packed with dark roasted malt, hops, yeast and corn that contribute to its characteristic brown colour.

To experience the full taste of Leffe, this beer best enjoyed in its own Leffe glass!


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  • Appearance

    Chocolate brown, tan head, soft carbonation

  • Aroma

    Fruity caramel malt, banana yeast, old leather

  • Taste

    Rich, smooth, candied fruit, yeasty