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Stella Artois

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Stella Artois

Belgium's best-known export and one of the world's best-selling beers

4,5 / 5
  • Stella Artois
  • Stella Artois

Sparkling, golden-bodied Stella Artois is known around the world for its rich malts and elegant continental hops that together make it one of the world's best-selling beers of all time.

With a fine balance of floral, hebal hops that give a well-defined bitterness to lift the rich cereal malts, Belgium's most iconic beer is guarantees refreshment anytime.

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  • Appearance

    Gold, fizzy head, steady carbonation

  • Aroma

    Cereal, clean malts, continental hops

  • Taste

    Honey, fruity, cereal, herbal hops, light bitterness

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness