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Sori / AF Brew Midsummer Melancholy

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Sori / AF Brew Midsummer Melancholy

Fruit of the collaboration between Sori and AF Brew, this Baltic Porter style brew is a powerful blend of bitter espresso and warm vanilla notes


  • Sori / AF Brew Midsummer Melancholy

"Short BBE* date 01/09/2019. After this date, the beer is still perfectly drinkable, but may lose some of its flavour or nutritional value. *Best Before End"

The Beer: Back by popular demand following their participation in Beery Christmas 2016, Sori and AF Brew present Midsummer Melancholy – a Baltic Porter and a little bit more… Borrowing the best bits from both Russian Stout and Baltic Porter his robust brew is infused with dark malt, to which are added Kenyan coffee, Bourbon vanilla, a,d smoked malt for a thick, slick, pitch-black body and tight tan head. The nose is awash with bitter espresso and warm vanilla notes, with a creeping smokiness just below the surface. This sumptuous vanilla coffee quality is echoed on the smooth palate, with a sublime bitterness and spreading alcohol note that will stick with you into the new year…

The brewery: They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and Estonia's Sori Brewing is born out the necessity to brew great beer. Faced by somewhat restrictive laws on the production and sale of alcohol in their native Finland, Pyry and Heikki, moved across the border to Talinn, Estonia to set up their crowd-funded business in an abandoned soviet-era factory. Their decision to relocate really paid off, and these rising stars of European Craft Brewing are really giving flight to their inventiveness, brewing serious beer for not so serious people. A welcome return to Beery Christmas after an excellent entry in 2016, this year sorry teamed up with Russia's AF Brew, an inventive craft brewery from St Petersbrug.

The style: A fantastic example of evolution worthy of Darwin himself, Baltic Porters form one branch of the Porter family tree. The style originated in the 18th Century in the Baltic states like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as well as being particularly popular with the Russian royal family – who gave use the term Imperial Stouts and Porters. They are characterised by a smooth, full body, and a more pronounced malty sweetness than classic Porter. They also offer a higher alcohol content backed by rich candied stone fruit and toffee flavours.

Food pairings: Rich, sweet and seductively smoky, Midsummer Melancholy is destined for dessert! Try it with your favourite creamy chocolate dessert – chocolate mousse, chocolate cookies, chocolate-fudge sundae - or even just a square of Fairtrade 80% chocolate! 

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  • Appearance

    Black body, small tan head.

  • Aroma

    Dark malt, vanilla, chocolate, cocoa, coffee.

  • Taste

    Coffee, chocolate, vanilla, hops, roasted malt, liqueur and cocoa.

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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