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Birra Del Borgo 25 Dodici

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Birra Del Borgo 25 Dodici

The grand finale of Beery Christmas 2016 - Birra Del Borgo's sumptuous Dodici

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  • Birra Del Borgo 25 Dodici

Throughout Beery Christmas 2016, we wanted to show you new horizons in the world of beer. The final voyage of discovery came courtesy of Italy’s Birra Del Borgo.

25 Dodici is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale-style beer that pours a rich caramel amber colour beneath a fine tan head.


The nose is a feast of soft fruit, with grapes, plums, and greengages, as well as fine citrus, and caramel malts. On the tongue, the soft, complex fruit flavours reappear, joined by yeasty, spicy notes set in a slick, lightly carbonated body for a soft, fruity finish.

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  • Appearance

    Dark caramel body

  • Aroma

    Jammy fruit notes, demerara sugar

  • Taste

    Soft plummy fruit, big malt

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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