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Gouden Carolus Christmas - 33 cl

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Gouden Carolus Christmas - 33 cl

A mixture of several spices in the brewing process makes this beer a special Christmas beer.


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  • Gouden Carolus Christmas - 33 cl
  • Gouden Carolus Christmas - 33 cl
  • Gouden Carolus Christmas - 33 cl

The Gouden Carolus Christmas is a worldwide popular beer. Poured in its Gouden Beer glass, it features a beautiful golden colour that slowly turns into a very dark red colour. In the nose, it is full-flavoured, sugary and spicy.. very spicy! 

It is hard to list the 6 spices added throughout the brewing process. The lower part of this beer is made up of powerful malts reminiscent of barley, molasses and grapes. Above, one can notice notes of fruits, dates and plums. Finally, on the upper part, the six different spices take you to another world.

Let’s give it a shot and try to guess, I would say there are nutmeg, anise, clove, ginger and a little bit of orange zests. It is simply its flavors that put us directly into Christmas spirit. Nothing but closing your eyes is necessary to smell this aromatized bouquet and you already feel as if you were in December. In the mouth, each sip reveals a new flavor during the whole tasting. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste despite its relatively thickness. The specific mixture of these exceptional spices added at different moment during the brewing process and the use of 3 strains of hops make this beer a high-class product.

In 2004, it was rewarded with the “Silver Award” in the category of Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale at the World Beer Cup in San Diego, USA. 38 years after its interruption, the old tradition which consists in brewing the beer Gouden Carolus Christmas resumed in 2002. Since it was put back in the marked on that form, it enjoyed an amazing recognition. The beer is brewed at the end of August. Then, the beer is set in a horizontal position to enhance to the full an optimal balance of tastes.  

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