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Amager Linda The Axe Grinfer

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Amager Linda The Axe Grinfer

Complex Imperial IPA with sumptuous toasted malt and stone fruit notes

placeholder 95 / 100
  • Amager Linda The Axe Grinfer

After Amager's homage to Master Brewer, 'Surly' Todd Haug, comes Linda – The Axe Grinder, a tribute to his wife and brewing partner.

In the glass, this imposing Imperial IPA shows off an attractive red-amber body under a sudsy white head, releasing powerful caramel and toasted malt notes, with a piny, woody, orange-zesty backdrop.

This woody motif is echoed on the tongue, with a crisp berry dryness and more zesty, bitter orange, while the picture is completed by an honest hops bitterness that offsets a final brown sugar sweetness perfectly.



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  • Appearance

    Ruby body, off-white head

  • Aroma

    Caramel, roasted malt, pine, woody, orange

  • Taste

    Stone fruit, caramel, hops bitterness, orange marmalade

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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