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Omnipollo and J. Wakefield Brewing - Brush

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Omnipollo and J. Wakefield Brewing - Brush

A supreme Gourmet Imperial Stout from a collaboration of Craft Beer superstars and rising stars


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  • Omnipollo and J. Wakefield Brewing - Brush

Omnipollo and J Wakefield's Brush is an Imperial Stout with massive vanilla, coffee, chocolate and smoky ancho chilli notes. Pouring coal-black beneath an impressive cola-coloured head, Brush belches big vanilla chocolate scents with robust espresso coffee and an inviting hazelnut character.

On the tongue, this thick, slick Imperial Stout offers more of the same character, backed up by pumpernickel malts and a spreading chilli heat that subtly infiltrates the palate. The massive mocha taste is further enhanced by a low carbonation, finishing with candied fruit and a respectable bitter bite to balance the sticky sweetness.

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  • Appearance

    Slick coal-black body

  • Aroma

    Dark malt, smoky, coffee, chilli, vanilla

  • Taste

    Rich, dark, slick, coffee, vanilla, chilli warmth

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness