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Ginette Natural Christmas

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Ginette Natural Christmas

Jammy malts and a pleasing spicy, woody hops profile make this Organic brew an absolute pleasure


  • Ginette Natural Christmas

The Beer: From the spiritual home of Strong Dark Ales, Ginette's offering brewed only for Beery Christmas 2017 is a true classic of the genre. Ginette Natural Christmas exudes all the organic quality typical of Ginette, wrapped in a deep chestnut body and capped by a small tawny head. The slick texture and elegant carbonation combine with sweet jammy malts and a pleasing spicy, woody hops profile to make this Organic brew an absolute pleasure that ends with an understated bitterness.

The brewery: Based outside the historic, picturesque Belgian city of Binche, gypsy brewer Brasserie Ginette has built its reputation on brewing quality beers using only the finest ingredients. However, the brewery is not content merely brewing with the best grain and hops available, Ginette's USP is that ALL their beers are certified 100% Organic by Certisys. Founded by four die-hard nature lovers - including a tree-surgeon and a landscape architect - Ginette produces a range of classic beers, all with the brewery's own twist, to combine sustainability with drinkability!

The style: Way back in 2002, the very first Organic Beer Festival, hosted in Portland, Oregon, was attended by just 2,000 people. It was the first event of its kind, but organisers noticed a real interest in Organic Craft Beer. Since then it has grown exponentially, welcoming some 15,000 enthusiasts each year. With Organic beer festivals over here, there's a real demand for organic beers in Europe too. \nUsing organic produce from certified organic farms, Organic beer means no pesticides, no herbicides, no GMOs, and ethical, sustainable production techniques – so you can feel extra good about enjoying your beer responsibly!


Food pairings: Rich, sweet and strong with a uniquely buttery texture, Belgian Strong Dark Ales are a natural companion for statuesque stews and deliciously savoury game. What better than a classic Carbonnade Flamand – slow cooked beef in a velvety beer sauce sweetened with pain d'épice gingerbread. This substantial Flemish dish is traditionally served with customary Belgian frites, and it's not to be taken lightly!

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  • Appearance

    Ruby body, small tan head

  • Aroma

    Rich spicy malts aplenty

  • Taste

    Fruity, plummy, cereal, spicy yeast

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness