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Kwak PerfectDraft Keg + 2 Kwak Glasses

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Kwak PerfectDraft Keg + 2 Kwak Glasses

Kwak 6-litre PerfectDraft Keg with twin Kwak Coachmans glasses  


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  • Kwak PerfectDraft Keg + 2 Kwak Glasses
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Share one of Brasserie Bosteels's best-loved beers with company with this exclusive Kwak 6-litre PerfectDraft keg

If there's one thing Saveur Bière and Hopt love about beer, it's its ability to bring people together. And what better way to share a moment discovering beer together, than with perfectly poured glass of Kwak served in its iconic Coachman's glass.

Exclusive to Saveur Bière and Hopt, this Kwak PerfectDraft 6-litre keg* lets you pour a perfect glass of rich, creamy Kwak, packed with rich fruity malts and rich, banana and clove yeast tones, time and time again.

*Requires PerfectDraft beer dispenser, sold separately

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