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13 Delta Craft Pilsner - Can

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13 Delta Craft Pilsner - Can

Crisp, fresh Belgian Craft Pilsner  

  • 13 Delta Craft Pilsner - Can

Recently featured in our Discovery Box monthly Beer Subscription, Belgium’s Ministry of Belgian Beer present 13. This new improved ‘Session’ version of the company’s superb 13 Craft Pilsner, features a lower % ABV, but the same zingy character. 
Pouring clear pale blonde beneath a thick white head, Delta 13 breathes crisp grainy malts with caramel and subtle bitter almond, and a grassy hops backnote.
The palate is exceptionally clean, with upfront malts and a conspicuous sweetness, lifted by a respectable carbonation and grassy, citrusy hops to a delicately dry, bitter finish.


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  • Appearance

    Bright yellow, foamy white head

  • Aroma

    Citrusy grassy hops, cereal malts

  • Taste

    Clean crisp malts, zesty straw hops

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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