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Hoegaarden Radler Lemon and Lime

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Hoegaarden Radler Lemon and Lime

Zingy, zesty lemon and lime Blanche perfec for sunny summer days

  • Hoegaarden Radler Lemon and Lime
  • Hoegaarden Radler Lemon and Lime

Renowned for its fresh, refreshing Hoegaarden classic Witbier, the world’s most famous Blanche launches a range of Radlers – light beers specially designed for when you just need something thirst-quenching.

Alongside Cranberry and Blood Orange, and Kiwi and Mint Radler, Hoegaarden Lemon and Lime Radler takes classic Hoegaarden Blanche and adds bright lemon and lime for an mouthwateringly zingy citrus character. With an ABV of just 2%, is this the ultimate lawnmower beer?

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  • Appearance

    Pale straw, fluffy head, steady carbonation

  • Aroma

    Fresh, zesty citrus

  • Taste

    Light, bright, mouthwatering lemon and lime

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