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Nogne Ø Two Captains IPA - 33 cl

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Nogne Ø Two Captains IPA - 33 cl

Award-winning homebrew goes pro!


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  • Nogne Ø Two Captains IPA - 33 cl

Despite years of experience, Norwegian Craft Brewery Nøgne Ø aren’t too proud to let an amateur show them how it’s done. Two Captains is a big, boozy, orange-bodied IPA and the winning entry in the 2010 Norwegian Homebrew Championships.

Beneath the puffy white head, there’s sweet lemon bonbons and ripe fruit with toffee malts galore. This bouquet is transferred to the slick full-body with sweet malts and resinous peach and apricot hops. You’ll also be treated to a big mouthful of bitter grapefruit and dark sugar that sit briefly before a long marmalade bitterness takes hold to finish the tasting in style.

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  • Appearance

    Orange, puffy head, soft carbonation

  • Aroma

    Sweet malts, citrus, orange, toffee

  • Taste

    Caramel, orange, peach, bittersweet marmalade finish

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness