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White Hag The Púca

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White Hag The Púca

Zesty dry-hopped Sour Ale brewed with fresh lemons  


  • White Hag The Púca

Bright, fresh and zesty, The Púca by White Hag, an Award-winning Irish brewery, is a Sour Ale brewed with fresh lemon zest for an unmistakable citrus twist.

Hazy straw-gold beneath a fine snowy head, The Púca breathes crisp wheat cracker malts and vibrant white grape and lemon scents that mingle on the air with lactic wild yeast notes.

On the tongue, there’s a hit of lively, citrusy lemons and sour wheat that bring a mouthwatering crispness to proceedings, followed shortly by the spicy, sharp, tang of wild yeast that leads to a zingy, zesty finish.

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  • Appearance

    Hazy straw, tiny head, soft carbonation

  • Aroma

    Wheat, lemons, lactic yeast

  • Taste

    Spicy wheat, wild yeast, citrusy, zesty zingy lemons

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness