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Dugges GBG Beer Week 2018

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Dugges GBG Beer Week 2018

Strawberry Sour Ale celebrating Gothenburg Beer Week 2018    

  • Dugges GBG Beer Week 2018

Brewed specially for GBG – Gothenburg’s week-long beer festival – Dugges’s GBG Beer Week 2018 is a seductively fruity Strawberry Sour Beer. Renowned for their talent with Sour Ales, Dugges really put their heart and soul into this one.

Set in a light, sparkling, rust-gold body, GBG 2018 offers a bouquet bursting with juicy strawberry and peach candy tones that really get your mouth watering.

This strawberry and peach jam character is reproduced perfectly on the elegant palate, with a crisp, citrusy Wild Ale lactic sharpness that draws you to a lip-smackingly dry finish.

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  • Appearance

    Rust-gold, small white head, sparkling

  • Aroma

    Strawberry, peach, lactic

  • Taste

    Juicy strawberry, bright peach, sharp citrus sours

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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