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Buxton In the Zawn

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Buxton In the Zawn

Light, citrusy and unbelievably sessionable table beer from Buxton  


  • Buxton In the Zawn

Sometimes, we need a beer that quenches our thirst and isn't massive ABV.” That’s Buxton’s philosophy behind In the Zawn, a light, citrusy, super-sessionable Table Beer. It makes sense.

Buxton really nailed it with this one, with an ABV of just 3.5%, clean, crisp pale malts, and a peachy, floral, citrusy hops profile.

The suitably slender body offers palate-cleansing sherbet carbonation and more of those peach and lemondrop hops to finish on a bright bitterness.

Sometimes you need a cold, crisp, refreshing sipper… “This beer is for those times.”

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  • Appearance

    Bright yellow, tiny white head, fizzy

  • Aroma

    Pale malts, peachy, citrusy, floral hops

  • Taste

    Light, crisp, peachy floral hops, pale malt, refreshing