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La Débauche Berlin-Tana

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La Débauche Berlin-Tana

Take a trip to the South of France via Berlin and Madagascar with this amazing vanilla-infused Berliner Weiss


  • La Débauche Berlin-Tana

La Débauche Berlin-Tana takes you on a trip to the South of France via Berlin and Madagascar. This crazy route is courtesy of a Berliner Weisse infused with Madagascan vanilla.

A challenging beer with a sour kick, Berliner Weiss is all about the lactic yeast. The hazy gold body and puffy white meringue head hide fresh wheat bread malts and sharp sour cream scents that evoke citrusy froghurt.

Cool and fresh, the body shows off typical wheat smoothness with fine champagne bubbles and lactic acidity to prickle your tongue as a perfect counterpoint. This soft-sharp contrast is smoothed by soft vanilla that gives the fruity wheat a creaminess that lingers on the tongue for a long lemon parfait finish.

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  • Appearance

    cloudy yellow, white head, champagne bubbles

  • Aroma

    yoghurt, wheat, vanilla, lemons

  • Taste

    Sour, lemon, vanilla, yoghurt, sherbet

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness