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Bosteels Single Batch BBB01 Barley Wine

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Bosteels Single Batch BBB01 Barley Wine

Limited Edition Barley Wine with sticky spicy fig and raisin notes


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  • Bosteels Single Batch BBB01 Barley Wine
Assortiment Top Craft

Many of you out there knowBosteels for two beers – Kwak and Tripel Karmeliet. With that in mind, we put on our best teacher voice and told Bosteels “We know you can do better.” and ""Strive for excellence!” and guess what? They did! The “OMG Good!” Bosteels Single Batch BBB01…

Brewed specially for Beery Christmas 2018, if the name doesn't catch your attention, then the beer certainly will! This crazily complex Barley Wine is one of the big surprises this year, bursting with invitingly sticky raisin and fig notes and a warm spicy cinnamon and clove character.

The effortlessly smooth body is full of soft vanilla brown sugar and date sweetness, with a deep aromatic profile that conjures up walnuts, pipe tobacco, old leather and beeswax polish. Add in a dash of spicy yeast and a generous alcohol content and this sumptuous beast is truly one of this year’s  Craft Beer highlights.

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  • Appearance

    Chestnut body, tan head, soft carbonation

  • Aroma

    Candied fruit, thick toffee malts, spicy yeast

  • Taste

    Caramel malt, fruit, plummy, yeasty, spicy, nutty

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness