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Big Drop Stout - Low Alcohol

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Big Drop Stout - Low Alcohol

Seriously good Low Alcohol Milk Stout


  • Big Drop Stout - Low Alcohol

It’s never too late to start dry January – even in the middle of the year – and there are few low alcohol beers that come close to this Low Alcohol Milk Stout by Big Drop! It’s a Milk Stout with 0.5% ABV and all the sweet lactose and mocha coffee notes you’d expect. The only thing missing is the alcohol.


The jet-black body gives plenty of bitter dark malts and a smoky note that’s balanced by a lactose sweetness that is present but not overpowering and a medium, silky texture to round of the whole perfectly.

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  • Appearance

    Black, no head, soft carbonation

  • Aroma

    Coffee, chocolate, smoky, fruity

  • Taste

    Bitter, mocha, lactose sweetness, smoky

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness