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Omnipollo Aniara

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Omnipollo Aniara

Mouthwatering American Pale Ale with lemon juice

placeholder 87 / 100
  • Omnipollo Aniara

Another amazing creation by Swedish Craft Beer superstars Omnipollo, Aniara is a mouthwatering American Pale Ale brewed with lemon juice that transforms a great APA into a kind of turbo-shandy! Pouring bright gold with a white head, the nose is a mix of citrusy hops with a whole citrus grove of zesty lemons, a picture that is echoed on the lip-smacking palate with fresh hay and more citric sourness that lifts the medium body to a deliciously juicy lemon finish.


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  • Appearance

    Gold, white head, generous carbonation

  • Aroma

    Lemons, hay, straw, biscuit

  • Taste

    Citrusy hops, citric acid, lemon finish

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness