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Kinnegar Black Bucket - Can

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Kinnegar Black Bucket - Can

The talented Irish Brewery Kinnegar reboots its Rustbucket Rye Ale as a delicious Black IPA


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  • Kinnegar Black Bucket - Can

One of Irish Craft Brewery Kinnegar’s standout beers is Rustbucket, a Rye Ale brewed with a deliciously spicy touch, and now it’s been rebooted as Black Bucket - a Black Rye IPA with a gorgeous earthy, chocolaty malt note and a load of bitter orange and pine hops.

The full black body and low carbonation match the dry rye malt and bitter orange hops perfectly, highlighted with hints of chocolate and a smoky edge that complete this superb BIPA.

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  • Appearance

    Black body, tan head, low carbonation

  • Aroma

    Rye, orange, pine, chocolate

  • Taste

    Full body, spicy, rye, chocolate, orange, bitter hops, smoky

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness