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Anchor Fog Breaker IPA

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Anchor Fog Breaker IPA

A full-bodied IPA with sweet toffee malts and bright pineapple and orange hops 



  • Anchor Fog Breaker IPA

San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company is the USA’s original Craft Brewery. And it’s thanks to over a century of know-how that they’re able to brew beers like Fog Breaker.

Homage to the legendary Bay Area weather, Fog Breaker is a full-bodied IPA with a bright, orange-colour body that releases waves of sweet toffee malt and orange and pineapple hops.

The full body is packed with toasted brown bread and caramel biscuit malt notes, accompanied by more mango, pineapple and bitter orange hops. Add in a dry, resinous finish and you’ve got one fine IPA!

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  • Appearance

    Orange, white head, good carbonation

  • Aroma

    Fresh, fruity, toffee, tropical

  • Taste

    Pineapple, orange, malt, toffee

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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