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Basqueland Che Guayaba

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Basqueland Che Guayaba

A tropical Double IPA beer brewed with fresh, fruity guava


  • Basqueland Che Guayaba

Basqueland’s love affair with fine flavours just reached a new intensity with Che Guayaba, a Double IPA beer brewed with fresh guava for an amazing burst of tropical fruit flavours.

The cloudy yellow body and fine carbonation are a feast of fruity guayaba with pine resin hops and a fat caramel body to take you to an exciting exotic finish.

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  • Appearance

    Cloudy yellow, white foam, fine carbonation

  • Aroma

    Caramel, guayaba, pine

  • Taste

    Fat malts, caramel, fruity guava, resin, pine, bittersweet

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness