Bottled beer - HOPT Easydrinking Value 24 Pack

The Ultimate Easydrinking Value Pack includes 16 Pils & 8 Wheat beers from world famous breweries, starköl that will keep you cool this summer. If you love beer and love to treat yourself with " en stor stark" then do not miss out on the biggest offer this summer!

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This Value Pack includes 24 Easydrinking beers:

4 x BECK'S - A world-famous International Pale Lager brewed in Bremen, Germany since 1874. Pouring bright gold with a fine white head the bouquet is bursting with sweet light malts and citrusy, herbal hops.

4 x GOOSE ISLAND 312 URBAN WHEAT ALE - Non-filtered brew that takes the Wheat Beer style to another level, with spicy cascade hops, fruity oranges and peaches, and a dry fresh-cut hay character.

4 x BUD - Brewed with rice and barley malts, Budweiser Bud, the self-proclaimed King of Beers, is the world's best-selling beer - as well as its most iconic.

4 x JUPILER - A bottom-fermented Pilsner and a benchmark among Pils-style Belgian beers.This bright gold Pils offers fresh, fruity malt and hops and an unrivalled refreshment.

4 x BRAHMA - Brazil's most famous, and most popular beer.This bright gold, Pils-style brew features light, fruity malts and crisp herbal, citrus hops. 

4 x CAMDEN GENTLEMAN'S WIT - Brewed with lemon zest and bergamot for zingy, zesty Earl Grey tea quality. In a combination with a yeasty edge and a superb herbal note


HOPT Easydrinking Value 24 Pack

Saveur Bière

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Sturdy packaging
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  • Bottled beer - Beck's
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