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Hoegaarden Wit-Blanche

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Hoegaarden Wit-Blanche

The now famous Hoegaarden is available on our website!


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  • Hoegaarden Wit-Blanche
  • Hoegaarden Wit-Blanche

The Hoegaarden is brewed with coriander and lemon zests for a more exquisite and fresher taste. Hoegaarden displays a curious blond cloudy colour explained by the lack of filtration before bottling during the brewing process. Therefore the beer still contains suspended yeast.

It is covered by a long-lasting creamy head upon which effervescence smoothly strikes. It reveals a fine fruity and spicy nose reminiscent of citrus fruits, coriander and hops. In the mouth, we discover flavours similar to the aromas sensed in the nose with a fruity taste along with a sweet presence of coriander. Then a fine bitterness reveals itself on the palate, reaffirming the character of this Witbier beer which is a nice example of what Belgian witbier beers are.

Enjoy Hoegaarden to the full in its Hoegaarden Glass.

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  • Appearance

    Cloudy blond head due to lack of filtration

  • Aroma

    Fruity and spicy nose reminiscent of citrus fruits and coriander

  • Taste

    Fruity taste, sweet cilantro presence and fine bitterness

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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