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Innis Gunn Original

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Innis Gunn Original

Enjoy this English Strong Ale from Innis Gunn!


4,5 / 5
  • Innis Gunn Original

Innis Gunn Original is a Scottish beer brewed with Phoenix hops and crystal malt. It is pasteurised and aged in oak barrels for 30 days before undergoing a 47-day maturing process to achieve the right balance.

When poured into a glass, it is orange verging on amber in colour, with an off-white head.

Its nose combines aromas of malt, caramel, vanilla, honey and wood.

Flavours on the palate include malt, caramel, citrus, wood,vanilla and hops, with a very subtle bitterness.

This is a refreshing beer with an aqueous texture and malty final notes.

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  • Appearance

    Orange verging on amber in colour, with an off-white head.

  • Aroma

    Aromas of malt, caramel, yeast, fruit and wood.

  • Taste

    Flavours of malt, caramel, citrus, wood, vanilla and hops.

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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