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A Pilsner-type beer with the flavours of Brazil! Best enjoyed very cold!


4 / 5
  • Brahma
  • Brahma

Meet Brahma, born in Rio de Janeiro. Brahma, a beer that was originally distributed by AmBev, mainy in Brazil, is conditioned in a curvaceous bottle with a distinctive, elegant shape. This blonde Pilsner will delight your taste buds with its light, thirst-quenching flavour with the merest hint of papaya on the finish! Inbev plans to share the Brazilian attitude and lifestyle with beer drinkers all over the world!

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  • Appearance

    Bright gold, small white head

  • Aroma

    Crisp malt notes, herbal hops

  • Taste

    Clean, crisp taste, citrus, malt, bright hops

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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