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Tripel Karmeliet

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Tripel Karmeliet

Not just a classic Belgian Ale, but our all-time best-selling beer!    


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  • Tripel Karmeliet
  • Tripel Karmeliet
  • Tripel Karmeliet
  • Tripel Karmeliet
  • Tripel Karmeliet

Triple Karmeliet by Bosteels is one of the greats among Belgian beer. With a recipe unchanged since 1679, this top-fermented, bottle-conditioned Belgian Pale Ale has only ever been brewed with three cereals - barley, wheat and oats - of the highest quality.

Bright gold capped by a creamy head, Tripel Karemliet  breathes refined, complex vanilla and banana yeast notes with citrusy hops. This complex, vibrant, lively flavour profile is repeated on the soft, creamy palate with more fruity, bready malts and a beautifully judged bitterness.

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  • Appearance

    Gold, creamy head, steady carbonation

  • Aroma

    Fruity, citrus, vanilla, banana, clove

  • Taste

    Cereal, bread, herbal hops, light fruitiness

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness