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Chimay Red Cap

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Chimay Red Cap

One of the few Trappist beers! An excellent mahogany-looking product with deep and fruity aromas.

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  • Chimay Red Cap
  • Chimay Red Cap
  • Chimay Red Cap
  • Chimay Red Cap

The Chimay Red Cap is a splendid amber beer. Brewed by the Cistercian monks from the Abbey of Scourmont, it is granted the title of trappist beer. That means that the monks themselves produce the beer inside the walls of the abbey. To give a fine anecdote, know that this is the oldest Chimay since the recipe has been elaborated by the Father Theodore during WWII. The result is incredible.

Poured in its Chimay Beer Glass, it features an amber color with reddish copper glints and topped by a firm and unctuous head. In the nose, one can also smell the wonderful aromas that are released, such as aromas of fruit which develop during the brewing process and apricot. A trained nose will notice malty notes. The mouth is unexpected, dry flavours of caramel strike and are counterbalanced by the fine final bitterness. You can therefore have confidence in the quality of this beer.

As a matter of fact, this beer perfectly marries with the cheeses directly produced in the abbey.

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  • Appearance

    Amber and topped by a thick head

  • Aroma

    Malty aromas of caramel and apricot

  • Taste

    Dry mouth followed by light bitterness

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness