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Sori Coffee Gorilla

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Sori Coffee Gorilla

A thick, creamy Porter from Estonia, ideal with dessert

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  • Sori Coffee Gorilla

Brewed by up-and-coming Estonian brewery Sori, Coffee Gorilla Baltic Porter is a deep black porter with chestnut highlights and a thick café-crème head.

The brewery is proud of its concept that links morning coffee with beer, a reference to the inner-gorilla, a morning phenomenon which normally requires a strong coffee to send it packing.

Accompanying a nose full of caramel, coffee, and cocoa, the taste is brimming with earthy scents, and a dusting of dark fruits and dark malts

With its medium body, light carbonation, and velvet texture, Coffee Gorilla is brewed with six different malts, making it ideal for drinking with your favourite ice-cream sundae.

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  • Appearance

    Deep black, chestnut highlight

  • Aroma

    Coffee, cocoa, toffee, earthy

  • Taste

    Roasted malt, coffee, cocoa, toffee, earthy

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness
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