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A quick, easy way to fill your growler straight from the tap

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Simply fit the chrome-plated stainless steel connector into a standard Northern Brewer stainless steel tap. Supplied with 30cm of hose.


Not compatible with Perl, Perlick, or other faucets.


Growler Filler: feed the beer beast!

There are two key moments in the homebrew lifecycle: bottling and drinking. Most people find the drinking a piece of cake, but the bottling can sometimes be a little more complicated. You know the way it goes: you take the time and trouble to sanitize your bottles, you wash them, rinse them, dry tem and hope there's nothing in the bottom that will taint your precious brew. The idea is to keep them clean until you're ready to fill and cap them.


But bottles aren't the only way to store and serve your homebrew. Ask any friendly neighbourhood homebrewer and he'll tell you going big is the way ahead. So, why not try kegging your beer straight to a growler? Just what exactly is a growler? To the unitiated, it might look like a big glass bottle with a handle on the side. But with the right tools, it's a hand way of transporting anything up to two litres of your latest brew.


You heard us right. Don't waste time endlessly cleaning bottles, simply keg your beer and fill a growler whenever you want to share a few beers with friends. All you need a growler and a growler filler. A number of different products are available, but the Northern Brewer is flexible, durable, and sensibly priced - a great way to keep your thirsty friends happy.  



Northern Brewer Growler Filler

Northern Brewer

9,90 €/units
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Sturdy packaging
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