Beery Christmas 2022

Saveur Bière

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La dixième édition du Beery Christmas à ne pas manquer pour les fêtes de fin d'année ! 

24 new beers

to discover day by day

10th edition of the Beery Christmas

The Beer Advent Calendar



For the 10th anniversary of the Beery Christmas, we will take you on an adventure through the history of beer.

Travel the world and discover the iconic characters of the brewing world.


Every evening in December, thousands of us across Europe will discover together a new beer from the 24 beers selected by our team.

Discover new styles and brewing processes for a unique and exotic tasting experience!


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"Very cool advent calendar, fast delivery and well packaged!"


"I gave the Beery Christmas to my spouse and he loved the surprise!"


"1st experience of Beery Christmas, I am delighted by the tasting!"


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We'll answer all your questions

What does the Beery Christmas look like?
The Beery Christmas is an advent calendar composed of 24 craft beers from all over the world and brewed exclusively for you! For this 10th edition, Saveur Bière honors the brewers who are evolving in the world of beer today, they will take you to discover new styles and their stories. An essential item that will take you on a journey from December 1st to 24th!
How does the Beery Christmas work? Is there a particular ritual?
Manufactured like the advent calendars from your childhood, the Beery Christmas is an advent calendar for adults. This year, travel throughout the breweries! Each morning, follow the clues in the illustration, find the right box and then place the day's beer in the fridge while you wisely wait for the tasting. Don't worry, we've thought of everything! If you want to check the answers (or if you don't feel like looking), we've placed the location of each beer on the side of the Beery Christmas. To make the experience as perfect as possible, we've added directions on each of the lids as to the ideal temperature to enjoy your beer, as well as an easy-to-make side dish idea.
Which beers are selected?
You don't think we would spoil the surprise of discovering a different beer every day? All we can tell you is that our Advent Calendar is composed of 24 craft beers in a minimum 33cl format, the promise of a gourmet journey for your taste buds!
Is this the same beer selection as last year?
The Beery Christmas is successive but not the same. Each year it's a new edition, new breweries, a new selection of surprise bottles, new countries to discover, and always more flavors to taste. Like every year, we have listened to your comments in order to offer you a calendar like no other!


Designed, manufactured and shipped by Saveur Bière, the Beery Christmas is our best-seller.

It's a whole year of work to offer you the most enriching experience around a subject we are all passionate about: beer!

24 days of tasting, discovering new flavors and knowledge to broaden your vision of beer.


You like craft beer and the principle of the advent calendar to help you wait until December 24th? Treat yourself to a calendar of craft beers, with the Beery Christmas! Today, the traditional chocolate advent calendar is available in a beer version, for beer lovers. Each day, open a box to discover a new beer to taste. Impossible to get bored before the end of the year celebrations!


The Beery Christmas calendar features 24 exclusive craft beers brewed especially for the event. The quality is there, with beers from 24 world-renowned craft breweries. Beery Christmas is also an opportunity to discover new flavors each day through 24 different beer styles. Take a trip around the world with beers from five continents and embark on a gustatory journey, where the taste buds are in exergue and the palate attentive to new bubbles.

Moreover, the selection of our advent calendar is renewed every year to keep its content secret and leave a maximum of suspense until December 24th. Something to satisfy and surprise both newcomers and regulars! Resolutely modern, the beer advent calendar is an excellent gift idea to offer to family, friends or yourself, to wait for the arrival of the end of year holidays.

From December 1st, live the opening of the beer of the day with the whole community through our blog that will accompany you throughout your Beery Christmas experience. You can learn all about your discovery of the day with multiple information on the beer, its style, the optimal conditions of tasting, its brewery ... something to delight fans and curious children.


The Beery Christmas is designed like a traditional advent calendar, with a dedicated box for each beer. This year, it was designed by the graphic designer and illustrator Thibault Daumain. Passionate about art but also about wine and spirits, beer was the last thing missing to add to his bow. His taste for complex compositions, refined textures, bold color combinations and his attention to detail lent themselves perfectly to the creation of the Beery Christmas cover.

For this 10th edition, we have chosen to take you back in time to relive the origins of beer. For this occasion, Thibault Daumain paid tribute to the people who have marked the history of beer by gathering them in a small warm brewery. Can you identify all the references on the packaging?

Count the days of December by following the clues hidden in the design. They will allow you to determine the position of the next beer. Box by box, you will discover each of the exceptional beers in this 2022 advent calendar. For those who are not players, you can find the location of the beers directly on the back of our calendar.

As a decorative object, the Beery Christmas Advent Calendar can be displayed in your living room or next to the Christmas tree during the whole month of December. It will not go unnoticed with its 50 cm height, its 27 cm depth and its 13 kg. Because of its imposing size, we suggest you opt for a home delivery. However, your advent calendar will be packed in a shock-resistant way to avoid breakage upon arrival.


Of course, a beer is best enjoyed cold. Unfortunately, it is impossible to put the whole calendar in your refrigerator! Saveur Bière advises you to take the habit every morning to open the box of the day of your calendar, to put the beer in the fridge until the long awaited moment of tasting. Moreover, for optimal tasting conditions, we offer advice on the ideal temperature and accompanying dishes. A top experience and a daily appointment for an unforgettable tasting moment!

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Beery Christmas 2022

Saveur Bière

en stock
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