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Kwak Gift Pack

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Kwak Gift Pack

4 Kwak beers and their famous coachman glass! Discover this reference item of the beer world!


4,5 / 5
  • Kwak Gift Pack
  • Kwak Gift Pack

The Kwak Gift Pack is a perfect present for anyone who enjoys beer and likes to taste it to the full in an original classic beer glass. This distinctive feature, together with the incomparable gustatory excellence of the beer, have contributed to make Kwak a famous beer worldwide.

The family-run brewery Bosteels de Buggenhout in Belgium has produced special and traditional beers for more than 200 years (sixth generation) and brews today among the best beers of Belgium: The Tripel Karmeliet, the Kwak and the Deus. This gift pack includes 4 Kwak bottles and 1 Kwak Beer Glass with its wooden base. To be served chilled if you want to taste this reference product to the full!

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