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The Goose Island Collection - 6 Beers + 1 Glass

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The Goose Island Collection - 6 Beers + 1 Glass

A collection showcasing some of Goose Island Brewing’s most popular beers

  • The Goose Island Collection - 6 Beers + 1 Glass

A cornerstone of the Craft Beer world, Chicago’s Goose Island Brewing Company produces some truly amazing beers. That’s why we decided to bring them together in one superb pack that showcases some of what this Illinois brewery does best.

Complete with a stylish Goose Island tasting glass, the Goose Island Collection features:

1 Matilda – Elegant, lovingly crafted Belgian Pale Ale with a soft spicy character

1 Sofie – Chardonnay barrel-aged beer with aromas of spice, orange, yeast and lemon

2 Honkers Ale - Light American Bitter with a perfect balance of fruity peach and citrus hops with generous malts

1 312 Urban Wheat Ale - Crisp, fruity, zesty wheat beer with a stylish Cascade hops twist

1 Goose Island IPA – Classic creamy IPA with vibrant grapefruit and peach hops and a big, bold bitterness

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  • Appearance

    Bight golds and warm coppers

  • Aroma

    Fruity, zesty, complex

  • Taste

    Big, fruity, elegant, warm, stylish