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Leffe Pack - 6 Beers + 2 Glasses

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Leffe Pack - 6 Beers + 2 Glasses

Share and enjoy the very best of Leffe in their own special tasting glasses

  • Leffe Pack -  6 Beers + 2 Glasses

One of the Belgium’s most iconic breweries, the Abbaye de Leffe brews some of the world’s most famous Abbaye Ales. That’s why we put together this special gift pack featuring three of Leffe’s most popular brews, and to let you share your passion, there’s two of everything!

2 Leffe Blonde – Leffe’s all-time best-seller, Leffe Blonde is full of light honey malts and fruity, eyasty tones

2 Leffe Triple – Fruity, malty, sweet Abbaye Triple with an authentically spicy Belgian yeast profile

2 Leffe Royale Cascade – Leffe goes Craft, all the classic Leffe character with a modern Cascade hops twist

2 Teku "Keep it Craft" tasting glasses

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  • Appearance

    Warm golds

  • Aroma

    Fruity, woody, spicy

  • Taste

    Sweet, fruity honey malts

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